What is Pilate

 Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the earlier 20th century by Joseph Pilates. It is now become very popular in many countries over 11 million people doing Pilates regularly. Pilates exercise emphasize in core strength and stability with the core muscle in relating to upper and lower body’s movement to obtain whole body muscles and skeleton in a balanced to have good physical alignment  for  healthier and pain free life. Pilates exercise include mat only exercise, small apparatus: ring, form roller, ball, resistance band…., and apparatus. By regular attend Pilates class will increase flexibility, strength, muscle tone and better body alignment. ­­­­Currently Pilates also been used in rehab, physical therapy, sport medicine, dancers’ warm-up retrain and athletic muscle training and warm-up.




Mat Pilates
Jessica - 507The mat Pilates exercise routine is performed on the floor using an exercise mat. Pilates mat is different from Yoga mat, it is thicker and more cushions like and extend to accommodate to full body length. The mat Pilates traditionally perform by body weight only. For efficiently assisting to different physical conditions, small apparatus like balls, resistance band, ring, form roller are used in the class.  All Pilate Mat exercises are initiated from core through correct muscle control and breathe to perform each movement precisely with right muscle activation and to be able to articulate each move.

Apparatus Pilates

Jessica - 293The Pilates apparatus include reformer, trapeze table, chair, ladder barrel, barrel, and ped- O- pull. The apparatus assist you to easier align your body, isolate muscle, and offering resistance training. Sometimes the apparatus carry your body weight for your excercises performed on the reformer help your body become stronger, longer and leaner.  With the use of your body and the weights of the springs and the direction of the pulleys, it helps you create a more powerful core for you to move from.  Pilates reformer helps you find the deep core muscles, your “power house” for improved posture and stability.  Pilates helps you to deal with how you carry gravity through your body, everyday.  The benefits of these exercises are more then just simply sculpting your muscles, thinning your waist, and turning love handles into lean muscle, they provide you with a healthier body from the inside out.  Excersises on the reformer can be given to challenge the professional athlete as well as be modified to create a comfortable place for anyone to start their wellness journey.